final major project
I wrote a story about a man going through a midlife crisis and then made an arcade game so gamers could experience his story.

download game *mac only*

f.m.p. research
video collage of research and inspiration for the ideas behind the creation of my final major project

this project is based on the LEGO Group philosophy of learning through play. Made to be as interactive as possible, PLAYBLOCKS serves as a customisable public art installation that could be implemented in schools and play centres as well as museums, libraries, train stations and other public environments

series of video studies that look into the notion of dérive ≈ research for my final major project

self-initiated projects

genius loci
narrative-based installation

I created a space where it felt like a fictional character had just stepped out of it and people entering the room were invited to navigate this space whilst he was out. The character I created for this narrative was loosely based on my dad. The character spent most of his day in a 2x3 metre room trying to communicate with extra terrestrial beings. In this room, he had a whole lot of things that helped him to figure out how to communicate with possible aliens.
On the walls there was a map of the stars where he noted down the possible speed that certain types of UFOs would take to travel from one galaxy to another. There were also maps of the surrounding areas of his home in Hampshire. There were 4 maps in total. 2 of these were drawn on with UV ink.
The room was light-sealed and the only light sources were a projector, 2 TVs with constant white noise and the screen of an iMac that he used to browse forums and watch episodes of Seinfeld. The walls were covered with glow-in-the-dark formulas and tally charts that counted possible contact from space. He looked at all these formulas and sometimes even doodles by turning on a small hand-held orange UV lamp that he bought in a local hardware shop.
On top of the 2 TVs there was a small 1960s hand-held radio which had headphones connected to them. This radio was on the AM frequency band and it didn’t work properly so he used it to listen to the noise that came from this radio to try hear possible sounds from space.
He was quite religious too. He owned a bible, which was always placed nearby. Behind his computer were photos of religious paintings and under those, verses of the bible that had a possible connection with alien sightings in ancient times.
He built a screen made out of black frabic so that it absorbed most of the light and the room stayed as dark as possible. On the screen there was a 24/7 live stream from NASA TV and the International Space Station. He likes tea and coffee and cheesy bite-sized biscuits and he forgets to take the dirty cups of tea and coffee to the bin and instead leaves them around to collect dust and mould.

flying eye books
point-of-sale for Dr. Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman’s ‘Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space’

bear cereal
designs for back of bear alphabet cereal boxes using augmented reality to bring the alphabet to life

the vista
The images are made out of scans from packaging that I collected over the 2 weeks that I travelled through the East Coast of China. the book is a visual narrative that explains the difference between what i was told to expect and reality.
≈ soon to be re-printed ≈

51.06°N, 1.31°W
this book is a reflection of my love of travelling. the book is a diary of locations that i've visited and places that i want to travel to. Hand-cut and hand-bound

snow queen
poster for the 2013 Christmas Concert at the International European School in Warsaw, Poland

series of editorial illustrations

promotional video for dr. strangelove's burlesque discotheque 2012 movember party at the railway inn, winchester

watanabe's journey
video loop inspired by sofia coppola's moody travel scenes

crispian, the hedgehog
a zine based on a real news article from 2012 about a hedgehog in Weston-super-Mare that got trapped in a crisp packet. The content is from the hedgehog’s point-of-view and it demonstrates how unhappy he felt about being rescued by the humans